Caros amigos,
O site do vinho Negreiros ( ) foi completamente remodelado e uma das coisas que pedi à web- designer Patrícia Rodrigues (think(out)) foi que me ensinasse a mexer naquilo. Portanto, o site - antes estático - tem agora um capítulo chamado "Ultimas", onde passarei a pôr o que antes punha neste blog, cuja tendência, portanto, é ficar desactualizado. Espero que não se zanguem - e que até gostem da mudança.
Mário Negreiros


Dear friends,
The site of Negreiros wine ( has been completely remodeled and one of the things I asked the web-designer Patricia Rodrigues (think (out)) was to teach me how to manage it. So, the site - before static - now has a chapter called "Latest", where I will post the things I used to put on this blog, whose tendency is therefore to be outdated. I hope you do not get angry - and even like the change.
Mario Negreiros

sábado, 15 de outubro de 2011

Thank you, angels!

My importer in UK, the Naked Wines, won - beside a lot of others prizes - the SMARTA 100 Business of the Year award, wich includes a 10.000 £ prize. Generous as only they know how to be, the Naked organized a contest: each winemaker had to say what would do with that money, and the Angels (special Naked clients) had to elect one of us to receive the money.

I proposed to use the money to build a refrigerated room to refrigerate the grapes before puting them in the lagars and I had no chance - I´m a small producer, with a small visibility, new on the Naked... and, for my big surprise, I finished the contest in fourth place - the first one after the first ones. And it sounds to me like a victory. I´m sure the people who voted for my proposal didn´t do it by itself, but because they know that the quality is my single patrimony, and it´s on it I have to invest to survive, being so small in an environment dominated by the big ones.

In fact, Douro is an extreme region - few big companies (mostly, british companies focused on Port wine) surounded by thousands of small grape producers. The medium scale wine producers are rare (Quevedo - God bless him! - is one). The small grape producers are completly dependent on the big companies - they make the harvesting when the big companies demand (normaly, too late, when the grapes are dried and light - they pay by the weight) - the payment is made in tranches - the last one, more then 6 months after the harvesting - and the price is fixed by the buyer, who knows the seller doesn´t have any alternative but to accept it. And some of the best grapes of the world are sell by 0.20 euro/Kg. For you to have an idea about how dramatic the situation is, I knew recently that a neighbour, who has a vine biggest than ours, will give up to treat half of it.

He hasn´t a winery.

We have one and our single chance to survive is to make a great wine - who doesn´t have quantity has to sell quality. That´s what the people who voted on my refrigerated room understood. And for some time, thanks to them, my smallness was my strength.

Thank you!

quarta-feira, 12 de outubro de 2011

Queridas e queridos amigos do Brasil,

Depois de muitas promessas, agora é real: o Negreiros 2007 já está disponível no Rio de Janeiro. Anotem: Johnny Wine (e-commerce -; La Botella (Ipanema -​tml); Am/Pm Galena (Ipanema) e Linha Amarela (Barra).
Agora sejam bonzinhos e não causem confusão. Façam uma fila organizada e não se esqueçam do "por favor".
Muita saúde, é o que vos desejo!

terça-feira, 2 de agosto de 2011

I´m very proud to be part of this.!/notes/naked-wines/finalists-at-the-national-business-awards/10150257815549247

segunda-feira, 1 de agosto de 2011

À espera / Waiting

Algum (pouco) míldio; alguns (poucos) cachos queimados por 4 dias de sol especialmente inclemente, e muitas uvas saudáveis, lindas e promissoras. A previsão é começarmos a colher à volta do dia 15 de Setembro. Deseje-nos sorte.

Some few mildio, some few bunches burned by 4 days of extraordinary sun and a lot of healthy, beautifull and promising grapes. Harvest start forecasted to around 15th September. Wish us luck.

quarta-feira, 27 de julho de 2011

Povo Brasileiro:

A vossa perseverança dará os seus frutos; a vossa paciência será recompensada e a vossa sede, saciada. Acabo de ser informado de que as minhas meninas (2340 garrafas de Negreiros 2007) estão em (espero) fim de processo de liberação alfandegária. À medida em que surjam novidades vou informando. Saúde!

terça-feira, 19 de julho de 2011


Here is the medal won by Negreiros 2007 at the International Wines and Spirit Competition (London) 2011.

sábado, 9 de julho de 2011

The Naked Wines Tasting Tour

With a week of delay here I am to give you news about the Naked Wines Tasting Tour: WOW! Better than the best expectation. A big success of public - I imagine I gave the Negreiros to be tasted for nothing less than 500 people - 500 potencial costumers, 500 potencial beloved people (didn´t you know that the producers love them costumers?). And I heard such beautifull words about Negreiros... I don´t know if it´s something about the british consumers or about Naked clients, but I felt they are very genuine on them assessments, they don´t try to repeat those old and so well known words that the experts use on them reviews, and they - the Naked costumers - use them own expressions.
Nice with the costumers, nice with the Naked staf and with the other winemakers. No stress, no tension, no conflicts. Everybody friendly, and with a great humor - big laughts each 15 minutes, the bigest part of them completly misterious for me because my english is worst than I thought and, even when I found a cause to the laughts I never was sure that it was the same of the other people.
Good times passed with good people around something that is much more than a drink, but the more powerfull cultural instrument to live together.

quarta-feira, 22 de junho de 2011

quarta-feira, 8 de junho de 2011

Diogo Rodrigues provou o Reserva 2007

quarta-feira, 25 de maio de 2011

Uma das 5 paletes de Negreiros 2007 que começam hoje a viagem para o Brasil

Boa viagem, meninas.

E portem-se bem!

terça-feira, 17 de maio de 2011

Mais uma medalha / One more medal

Ontem foi Ouro em Bruxelas para o Negreiros Reserva 2007. Hoje foi Prata em Londres (International Wines and Spirits Competition) para o Negreiros 2007 "normal".


Yesterday it was Gold in Brussels to the Negreiros Reserva 2007. Today it was Silver (best in class) in London (International Wines and Spirits Competition) to the "normal" Negreiros.


segunda-feira, 16 de maio de 2011

É Ouro! / It´s Gold!

Negreiros Reserva 2007 ganhou medalha de Ouro no Concours Mondial de Bruxelles - para muitos, o "Campeonato Mundial dos vinhos".

Negreiros Reserva 2007 won a Gold Medal at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles - for many people, it´s the "World Cup of wines".

quarta-feira, 4 de maio de 2011

Obrigado a todos/ Thank you, all

Quando me sinto um pouco triste vou ao site dos Naked Wines para ler os comentários dos clientes sobre o Negreiros. E a gratidão toma o lugar da tristeza. Obrigado.

When I feel a little blue, I go to the site of the Naked Wines to read the comments of them costumers about Negreiros wine. And gratitude takes the place of sadness.
Thank you.

O que disseram:
What they sad:

What can I say about this wine? Well it arrived yesterday, making it the start of an interesting day: unexpectedly I received some samples from NW, and unexpectedly I met a friend for dinner, and at the last minute he convinced me to go to this new Japanese restaurant, Watatsumi, which recently opened off Trafalgar Square.

There we had a bottle of a rather nice Malbec (La Finca), and I met the two assistant General Managers who are as passionate as I am about wine and food as I am. So, what better occasion than this to try the bottle of Negreiros kindly sent by NW, and get the views of several people.

So at the end, my friend (who is in the wine trade), his wife, the two assistant GM, one waiter and myself tried this beautiful wine, and I must say, what a discovery! Before opening the bottle; we were discussing about the complexity of matching a wine with Japanese food, where you can find a great mix of flavors, Negreiros will to match all dishes, but its definitely a must to pair with some Japanese food.

In my opinion is not the usual Douro wine, the important fact is that it is excellent, well balanced, with a lovely nose and a good deal of complexity, lovely to drink, and in fact the bottle went very quickly.

The rest of the table agreed, and we found that Negreiros goes fantastic with dishes like beef teriyaki or salmon sashimi. The six of us really enjoyed this wine.

If you are looking for a very pleasant wine, consider Negreiros, and I can not finish without saying that, if you want to have great Japanese food, and an amazing service (not to mention a very interesting wine list) visit Watatsumi at 7 Northumberland Avenue, just off Trafalgar Square, as I think it wont be long before it becomes one of those restaurants where you need to book months in advance.

Alfredo 19:58 08/01/2011

Wow Mario, what a lovely wine. We shared it with friends who enjoyed it too. Out of the bottle freshly opened, it tasted quite fresh and new,but as the air got to it (and it warmed up) I got some great fruit flavours (black currents in particular.)

I have not really tried Portuguese wines before, although curiously this was the second Portuguese red I had this week. I now understand what I have been missing. A fabulous wine, thank you.

Simon 23:08 08/01/2011

Obrigada Mario, Muito Sabarosa. One of the best douro reds that I have tasted and I have to guiltily admit to drinking a massive amount of Portuguese wine over the years. We opened it when it was too cold so decanted and waited.[ After all Red wine in Portugal is never cold!. Really liked the fruity taste as in the past have found Douro Reds somewhat dry. This one is not dry it is fruity and was worth the wait as it got better and better. Preferred it with food and could just picture it with the black pork and clams portuguese style. A red that could also be drank with fish. Saude-cheers

Noeleen 23:18 08/01/2011

This Negreiros 2007 is a true son of the Douro.
His Color and fruity senses are intense.
Easy to drink now but surely will get better with time in bottle. Drink one now and another next year.

Carlos 20:08 09/01/2011

This is a good example of what the Portuguese do so well with their indigenous grape varieties. Ruby in colour with some purple tinges. Aromas of cherries and raspberries with a palate reminding me of a cherry fruit cake - cherries, currants and some spice, not too heavy nor too light, a perfect weight. This is a very well structured wine with layered flavours, acidity and subtle tannins. The long length reminds brings out prunes. This was a sample sent to me but I'd happily buy this.

Colin 20:54 09/01/2011

Deep, dark, and dense to look at in the glass, this wine begs for attention, and after a quick swirl in the glass, sniff, and those fantastic dark berry fruit aromas just take over. It gets better! There is nowhere for your tastebuds to hide, this is just luscious, I don't know - think of that very fruity cake that your Mum (or Gran) made perhaps, but now in your glass. Absolutely delicious. You might want another slice of that cake, but I want another glassful of this to enjoy.

I'm not sure who legged it over to Portugal with Nathan and Rowan back in September last year, but thankfully they have come back with just what I was looking for; one of those lovely Portugese wines that you remember drinking on holiday that you miss so much when you try to repeat the pleasure back home. Well, for me, here it is, a little dry or tannic post-food, but cracking stuff with a meal.

I can't recommend it though....

'cos I want to make sure I get a look in ;-)
Barry 21:34 09/01/2011

A deep dark and delicious wine.

As Barry has said below, dark fruity aromas as you open the bottle and pour. First taste follow the expectation from the nose too a quick intense sort of roasted dark fruit taste which is intriguing but also very nice.

Quite heavy on the tannins to begin with but I found it softened to a mellower finish as the nigh and bottle wore on.

In summary another cracker from Portugal and well worth a try, once opened I was hard pressed to put it down as the empty served proof.

Congratulations Mario and team


Phil 13:07 12/01/2011

Beautifully smooth and rich, deep red colour and dark fruity body. Agree with Phil, tannins softened after being open for a short while, and went down exceptionally well.

I would very much like to try the Reserva, but regardless this will be going on the shopping list!

Lovely drop.
James 22:25 15/01/2011

I loved this wine and think it will be one that I will be buying regularly in the future.

I opened a good hour or so before consuming and decanted it as a lot of Douro wines, from my experience, tend to have a fair bit of sediment..... not a bad thing in my opinion.

It has a lovely dark but vibrant colour and a wonderful nose. Plenty of dark fruits come through and I didnt find it too tannic and has a lovely smooth finish.

Class in a glass.
Ian 11:33 26/01/2011

What a beautiful wine - off the back of this Dave and I have decided we definitely need to visit the Douro region in the near future!

We probably could've done with opening this a little longer before drinking but not to worry - a beautiful deep colour, this wine promised much and on the nose there was a real smoky tobacco flavour, with red fruits and eucalyptus (someone else spotted that - these things mystify me on occasion!) But to taste - ah there was the real winner!

Described by those amongst whom we shared it as a chewy winter warmer, full of blackberry, rhubarb and custard and minerals. Tannins were low - which is a good thing in my book - this wine works beautifully without food but I imagine you'd now struggle to find something to go with it.

But really - what you need to know is that this is class in a glass. Sit in front of the fire and crack a bottle open now!

Lovely. :)
Hannah 18:40 07/02/2011

Smooth, well rounded delicious
Richard 15:27 09/02/2011

If this wine were a day it would be long and sunny. A superb ray of sunshine on a cold winter weekend.
John 22:44 09/02/2011

I first drank this at a very smart restaurant in the Douro, and was delighted to find it in the UK through Naked Wines. This is a terrific Douro wine, and is a fine example of why so many of the growers there have started making their own wine rather than simply selling the grapes to the Port people. The Negreiros 2007 (for me) has dark chocolate, tobacco, leather and spice. The nose is powerful without being clumsy, and it's robust enough for food. I recently bought a mixed case of Portuguese wines from the Wine Society. To be fair, theirs were cheaper, but the Negreiros was better than any of them.
Richard 12:46 12/02/2011

This a remarkable wine, a true original and we love it!!
Tim 10:00 21/02/2011

An excellent full bodied example, deeply satisfying and bursting with flavour and delivering so much from an old world wine. I will try more of these.
John 10:51 07/03/2011

Hard not to like. Chocolate and figs on the nose, bundles of fruit on the palette. This a very easy drinking wine in the sense of being smooth, velvety and fruity. It's also very up front. There is very little length or evolution on the palette. It's a wine that entices one to glug rather than savour.
Daniel 01:16 10/03/2011

Not sure if my bottle was corked but this had a slightly porty taste to it not to my liking at all!
Daniel 00:26 13/03/2011

I approached this wine with great expectations. I started the bottle one evening, following the end of Arabella In Unison - unfortunately, this led to me being initially underwhelmed. Fortunately, I was able to enjoy the remainder last night, when it was more able to offer some of positives cited by others - a nice wine, but I'd say it's pushing the price envelope.
Andy 09:37 13/03/2011

I tried Mario’s wines for the first time at tasting i hosted and attended by Mario and Eva.

A positively dark seductive look in the glass, good fruit notes on the nose and maybe a slight hint of eucalyptus but that might be just me. Nobody else got that. A soft feel to the palate soft as a babies bum i would say. Slightly sweet but not over the top, and nicely balanced with gentle structure, all hanging together very well through to the finish. Not a dry finish as some Portuguese wines can be.

The 2007 came top out of all the wines we tried, and we tasted many that night as the fuzzy heads attested to the next day.

Small grape varieties and small yield make this worth the price in my opinion I have paid more for lesser wines. The best Douro red I have had the pleasure of tasting

Sincere thanks goes out to Naked for making this possible, and of course a big thanks to Mario for attending and supplying the 2008 and reserve, not forgetting the oranges he gave us, and whose juices have stained my beloved Duran Duran comeback again tour T shirt.
Malcolm 18:04 15/03/2011

Very nice rich wine
Andy 12:07 09/04/2011

mario i brought your wine 6/7 weeks ago to save for a special occasion, well its the first sunny weekend of the year and thought well why not id open yr douro, now after watching yr videos (loved them all) , i really appreciate the love that went into making this wine and im hooked its lovely, yes its a bit more expensive than the other wines on this site but i think its worth every penny, so keep up the good work and thank you for showing us how this lovely wine is made. cheers mario
susan 20:20 09/04/2011

Mario oh Mario Wherefore art thou Mario Shall, or shall i compare thee to a summer's day?

No i cannot compare your artistry to the classics, i enjoy your wines more.

Opened my last bottle of your 2007 ( more on order) whilst having a massive bonfire. Did not let the wine breath this time, just poured the wine into the glass from a height ( glass on low wall- me standing trying put out my smouldering jeans).
This is just a fantastic wine full of jammy lusciousness. Smooth refined yet full bodied, well worth the money. If you were not married to your lovely wife i would be putting on a white dress with a veil and rehearsing my vows right
now .
Malcolm 23:24 09/04/2011

Enjoyed this alot. Need to breathe for a bit longer than most and does need to be up to room temp, to get best flavour. A very dirinkable wine.
Peter 11:12 13/04/2011

nicely constructed Douro with a bit of age that really helps - big beefy BBQ time!
John 13:14 19/04/2011

sexta-feira, 29 de abril de 2011

Estágio em baixo d´água/ Under water ageing

Under (yes, under!) this sky, 946 bottles of Negreiros 2008 rest (in peace).
Sob (sim, sob!) esse céu, 946 garrafas de Negreiros 2008 repousam (em paz)

quinta-feira, 28 de abril de 2011

filling the tank

The first step was to protect the cork with wax (watch the video "putting wax", 2 posts below); then we uploaded the wine to the tank (video "putting wine in tank", the post below); finaly, we filled the tank with water. Watch the video here.

quarta-feira, 27 de abril de 2011


I swear: they started singing spontaneously. I took the camera after they started singing. And they were singing while helping to put 946 bottles of Negreiros wine in a tank which will be filled with water (to the wine be aged with the less termic variation possible).

terça-feira, 26 de abril de 2011

Puting wax

Negreiros wine producer puts wax to protect the cork of some bottles wich will be dived in a tank of water. The idea is to age the wine under water to avoid big termic variations and to mantain the wine fresh even during the summer.

quinta-feira, 31 de março de 2011

Traffic Stress

Yes, I have to confess I had some stress with the traffic, when driving to Oporto Airport to pick up Tim, the happy winner of the Naked/Negreiros Contest that give him, and his wife, Natalie, a weekend at Quinta das Amendoeiras. Take a look.

segunda-feira, 21 de fevereiro de 2011

washing stainless vat/ A lavar uma cuba de inox

quinta-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2011

Stacking wine

quarta-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2011


Uma entre várias boas razões para que a Quinta do Negreiros se chame "das Amendoeiras".

One of several good reasons why the Negreiros Quinta is called "of Almonds".

quarta-feira, 2 de fevereiro de 2011

And the winner is...

Here is the anouncement of the winner of the contest wich gived a weekend at Quinta das Amendoeiras to a Naked Wines costumer:

Dear friends,

I read several times all and each message you sent. And now it´s me who is feeling a little blue and deserving to anesthetize my pain in a good british pub. I never imagined to harvest so much drama while planting our contest - medical drama, love drama, money (or lack of it) drama... and I have to choose one and only one (with his/her companion) of so many sufferers and let the others with their suffering. That´s why I´m blue. To mitigate our pain (mine and of the non nominated) I have to say all of you are my invited to visit Quinta das Amendoeiras if you can go there "by your own legs". You all are welcome!

But the winner is...

Not yet.

First, the reasons of the choice.

I believe that who makes wine makes more than something to drink and who sells wine makes more than sell something to drink. We make human coexistence, we share and promot sharing of experiences, stories, emotions. That is the spirit of our contest. And who better expressed that spirit was... Mr Tim Ellison. Congratulations, Tim. I hope you, your companion and my self can enjoy your trip to Douro.


Mário Negreiros

Tim´s sentence:

"I´m feeling a little bue and I Think I deserve to win a trip to visit Mario in Portugal because...

...what better way can there be to express the joy of Naked Wines! The Drinker shaking hands with the Winemaker -- no middlemen, dealers, or brokers in the picture, just a mutual admiration. A direct conection.

On return there will be great memories for both of us to share with the whole Naked Wine community, and we'll learn a bit more about what brings people together here!"


Negreiros no International Wine Guide

1502 vinhos de todo o mundo foram provados. 398 foram seleccionados para integrar o International Wine Guide. O Negreiros é um deles.‎

1502 wines from around the world have been tasted. 398 were selected to join the International Wine Guide. Negreiros is one of them.

terça-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2011


The Naked Wines costumers have a challenge: to complete the sentence "I’m feeling a little blue and I think I deserve to win a trip to visit Mario in Portugal because…” .

The author of the best sentence wins a trip to Quinta das Amendoeiras.

Wine is the more similar thing with the sci-fi tele-transporters but it works better when you know the place to where it transports you. Once you know Quinta das Amendoeiras, you will be tele-transported to there each time you drink a Negreiros wine. So, come on, be creative!

The sentences must be sended to

segunda-feira, 10 de janeiro de 2011

Naked Negreiros

Uma das características que fizeram dos Naked Wines merecedores do prémio Inovadores do Ano no International Wine Challenge 2010 será, com certeza, o contacto que promove entre os seus clientes e os produtores. Para o produtor é fantástico ter um espaço de troca de impressões como esse. Vejam:

One of the features that made the Naked Wines deserving the Innovators of the Year award at the International Wine Challenge 2010 is, certainly, the way that they promote contact between customers and producers. For the producer is fantastic to have a place of exchange of views like this.Look: