Caros amigos,
O site do vinho Negreiros ( ) foi completamente remodelado e uma das coisas que pedi à web- designer Patrícia Rodrigues (think(out)) foi que me ensinasse a mexer naquilo. Portanto, o site - antes estático - tem agora um capítulo chamado "Ultimas", onde passarei a pôr o que antes punha neste blog, cuja tendência, portanto, é ficar desactualizado. Espero que não se zanguem - e que até gostem da mudança.
Mário Negreiros


Dear friends,
The site of Negreiros wine ( has been completely remodeled and one of the things I asked the web-designer Patricia Rodrigues (think (out)) was to teach me how to manage it. So, the site - before static - now has a chapter called "Latest", where I will post the things I used to put on this blog, whose tendency is therefore to be outdated. I hope you do not get angry - and even like the change.
Mario Negreiros

segunda-feira, 21 de fevereiro de 2011

washing stainless vat/ A lavar uma cuba de inox

quinta-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2011

Stacking wine

quarta-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2011


Uma entre várias boas razões para que a Quinta do Negreiros se chame "das Amendoeiras".

One of several good reasons why the Negreiros Quinta is called "of Almonds".

quarta-feira, 2 de fevereiro de 2011

And the winner is...

Here is the anouncement of the winner of the contest wich gived a weekend at Quinta das Amendoeiras to a Naked Wines costumer:

Dear friends,

I read several times all and each message you sent. And now it´s me who is feeling a little blue and deserving to anesthetize my pain in a good british pub. I never imagined to harvest so much drama while planting our contest - medical drama, love drama, money (or lack of it) drama... and I have to choose one and only one (with his/her companion) of so many sufferers and let the others with their suffering. That´s why I´m blue. To mitigate our pain (mine and of the non nominated) I have to say all of you are my invited to visit Quinta das Amendoeiras if you can go there "by your own legs". You all are welcome!

But the winner is...

Not yet.

First, the reasons of the choice.

I believe that who makes wine makes more than something to drink and who sells wine makes more than sell something to drink. We make human coexistence, we share and promot sharing of experiences, stories, emotions. That is the spirit of our contest. And who better expressed that spirit was... Mr Tim Ellison. Congratulations, Tim. I hope you, your companion and my self can enjoy your trip to Douro.


Mário Negreiros

Tim´s sentence:

"I´m feeling a little bue and I Think I deserve to win a trip to visit Mario in Portugal because...

...what better way can there be to express the joy of Naked Wines! The Drinker shaking hands with the Winemaker -- no middlemen, dealers, or brokers in the picture, just a mutual admiration. A direct conection.

On return there will be great memories for both of us to share with the whole Naked Wine community, and we'll learn a bit more about what brings people together here!"


Negreiros no International Wine Guide

1502 vinhos de todo o mundo foram provados. 398 foram seleccionados para integrar o International Wine Guide. O Negreiros é um deles.‎

1502 wines from around the world have been tasted. 398 were selected to join the International Wine Guide. Negreiros is one of them.